ATC Tower Delhi Airport is India’s Tallest ATC Tower: AAI ATC News

ATC Tower Delhi Airport

ATC Tower Delhi Airport is India’s Tallest: The tallest ATC tower in the country which is expected to enhance safety and efficiency of air transport management services over the capital’s skies was inaugurated at the IGI Airport on 2 September 2019. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurated the Delhi Air Traffic Service Complex, which is the tallest Air Traffic Control tower in India with a height of 103 metres.

The Airports Authority of India said that the new complex comprises of three buildings – the Aerodrome Control Tower, Area & Approach Control Services Building and the Administrative Block – constructed at the cost of approximately ₹250 crore while the equipment cost ₹100 crore.

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The commissioning of the new tower is expected to enhance the efficiency of air traffic management services at the IGIA which is the busiest airport in India.ATC Tower Delhi Airport

At a height of 103 meters, the tower enables air traffic controllers to have better visibility of all the three runways, apron area and taxiways.

Besides the physical aspects, the tower also boasts of additional control positions, sophisticated equipment and state-of-the-art control room set-up.

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In addition, the new facility opens the possibility for independent parallel approach. This allows for simultaneous landings from the same direction on parallel runways which will further increase the capacity of the airport.

Among the other guests were Arun Kumar, director general of Civil Aviation, AAI Chairman Anuj Agarwal & GBS Raju, Chairman-airports.

Chariman of Airports Authority of India- Anuj Agarwal

Civil Aviation Minister- Hardeep Singh Puri

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