What is AAI JE (Fire Services) Physical Endurance Test: All You Need To Know


AAI JE Fire Services Physical Endurance Test: Every year Airports Authority of India (AAI) recruits candidates for the Post of Junior Executive (Fire Services), Junior Assistant (Fire Services) & Senior Assistant (Fire Services). After Computer Based Written Test, there is a provision of Physical Endurance Test. So what is the Physical Endurance Test? In this post we are sharing every single detail of AAI JE Fire Services Physical Endurance Test. A 5 minutes article but very useful for candidates who want to prepare for AAI JE (Fire Services) Exam.

Physical Standard for AAI JE Fire Services

Physique- Good
Minimum Height- 167 cms.
Minimum Weight- 55 Kg.
Normal Before Expansion-  81 cms.
Minimum Expansion- 5 cms.
Hearing- Normal
Speech- Normal
Eye Sight
Distant Vision- 6/6 with each eye without glasses
Near Vision- N-5 with each eye without glasses
(Visual evaluation for each eye individually)
Colour Vision- Should be normal as determined by Ischihara’s Chart
Night Blindness- Absent
Field of Vision- Each eye should have full field of vision as determined by confrontation Test.
Refractive Error- No refractive error is Acceptable.
Disqualification- Knocking knee, bow legs, degree of squint, flat footed, physical deformity, suffering from chronic disease, any major operation by virtue of which is physical fitness to work in Fire Services has been impaired will be considered as disqualification.AAI ATC
*Relaxation of 3 cms in height and chest measurement and proportionate relaxation in weight will be allowed to hilly area candidates on production of Bonafide Certificates. However, minimum chest expansion must be 5 cms. No other relaxation will be allowed to any other category.*

Details for AAI JE Fire Services Physical Endurance Test

Following five tests shall be carried out in sequence:

1. AAI JE Fire Services Running: The candidates are required to complete 100 meters Running in 15 seconds failing which they will be disqualified.

2. AAI JE Fire Services Rope Climbing:
Height of rope- 08 meter
Size of rope- 05cm <D < 10cm

3. AAI JE Fire Services Pole Climbing:
Height of pole- 08 meter
Size of pole- 10cm <D < 20cm

4. AAI JE Fire Services Casualty Lifting:
* To assesss stamina, agility and safety consciousness.
* A sand bag of 50 kgs weight.

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Examiner should ensure that a demonstration by Airport Fire Services personnel is given to candidates before they are asked to do the test.
TEST- Lifting of a sand bag of 50 kgs by the candidate and to carry it 25 meters away and bring it back safely.

5. Ladder Climbing Test:
* To check fearlessness at height
* To check understanding capability

Equipment- A ladder to be properly trained at height of 06 meters from ground level.

a) Examiner shall check stability, strength and training angle of ladder.
b) Arrange a Fire Crew of 3-4 men to hold ladder at base and top.
c) Demonstrate step by step the method of climbing. Then ask candidates to proceed.

Observation- Check wether candidate follows the method you have explained right now. Check fearlessness.

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